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It's all about you, the listener

We hope that volunteers and other community members will provide local information and encourage debate. 

Community radio stations are more likely to survive if listeners benefit from the service. As we train more volunteers to work behind the scenes it will become easier to respond to listener messages, research, edit and present interesting and relevant local information. 

There is already a waiting list of potential volunteers who hope to participate in our training programme so that they can take on a variety of volunteer roles at Radio Sunlight.

Currently the list is closed to new applicants until we have raised the funds we need to resume the training programme. Have a look at the join in page.

We intend to continue holding open meetings to share information and build stronger links with listeners.

If you want to tell us what you would like to hear on Radio Sunlight, you could fill out our questionnaire on the following link to help us meet your expectations.

or fill out the questionnaire on the link below and return it to: Jenny Wilkins, Radio Sunlight, Sunlight Development Trust, Richmond Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1LX.

Radio Sunlight survey